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Success Story: Clear Headsmart Excites and Delights Fans with Stunning Visuals, Predictive Content

Unilever brand, Clear, sought to break into the Indonesian Men’s market with their new 3-in-1 shampoo. To cut through the competition and create a unique experience, Clear integrated predictive football data into their branded social promotion with the help of Stats Perform.

By: Mike Morrison

Opta Live Win Probability and seamless social media content creation with PressBox Graphics gave Unilever’s Clear brand the assets needed to run a successful shampoo product promotion around Indonesian men’s football. By aligning campaign messaging with advanced metrics, Clear created a virtual football pundit, Headsmart, who would help eager fans lower their stress. Read on to learn how:

  • Providing predictive win probability data in an easy-to-consume social media feed made for the perfect platform for delivering authentic advertising.
  • Supplemental multi-channel articles and analyses, sponsored by the brand, created additional touchpoints throughout the match week, keeping the conversation going after the game concluded.
  • Content automation allowed for a steady and consistent stream of content that surpassed target engagement numbers and reached over 14 million consumers in just five weeks.



Clear wanted to build brand awareness for male consumers in Indonesia and found that football was the best way to reach them. With a massive audience for football, how could Clear, a shampoo brand, connect with fans in a new and exciting way that would cut through the competitive noise on social media and resonate with buyers? That answer came from predictive analytics delivered via stunning social media graphics.



Live Win Probability PressBox Graphics
Clear built their branded, virtual football pundit around Opta data’s Live Win Probability. This gave fans insight into the day’s games and the information to spark new conversations – all with Clear’s brand and product at the center. The use of a graphics platform meant that over 250 pieces of infographic-style content could be produced each week during the campaign – a volume that would not have been possible through manual creation.



In 2020, Stats Perform partnered with Goal and Mindshare to create Clear Headsmart, a virtual pundit which combines Opta Live Win Probability with our PressBox Graphics platform to create unique insights and provide a new fan experience before and during Premier League matches.

The campaign was focused on building brand awareness for the client, Clear. Clear wanted to lean on their male target audience’s passion for football but do so in an innovative way that would place their brand alongside content relevant to the audience, particularly on game day.

Clear assembled a trio of partners to help make the campaign a success:

  • First, Stats Perform would provide the team with data generated from the Live Win Probability Model, giving real-time forecasting of the outcome of live matches.
  • Next, Clear’s media agency would facilitate the publishing and engagement of the online audience – using PressBox Graphics to create the large quantity of content required as fast as possible.
  • Lastly, the football news website, Goal, would coordinate with all parties to craft a multi-channel branded content strategy that would deliver match previews and commentary, powered by Opta data, via its Indonesian Twitter account and live blog.


“The original challenge we set ourselves was how could we use the power of data science to reduce the stress and anxiety of watching your favourite football team aligning with Clear’s brand purpose to help young men power up their resilience and be free to stress to perform at their best.”

– RK Narayanan, head of team Unilever at Mindshare Indonesia


The campaign ran for five weeks through Goal’s Indonesian Twitter account and featured pre and in-game predictions based on historical performance and in-game events such as goals or red cards to predict the outcome of a live football match for loyal fans.


These predictions were used to create a virtual football pundit, expressed via the graphics that were pushed out on social.

All four companies were aligned with the campaign’s core mission: to make football a more enjoyable watching experience. Headsmart was focused on improving the mental health and well-being of its male football-watching consumer base and was able to do so by giving fans a peek into what the future might be for the match with Live Win Probability. In doing so, Headsmart addressed one of the most common side effects of stress: dandruff. For what Headsmart could not do to fight dandruff, Clear’s 3-in-1 shampoo was there to help.


“Clear Headsmart is built based on Clear’s purpose and value as well to inspire people with the value of resilience to cope with challenges and bounce forward after setback through football’s value.”

– Nando Kusmanto, Senior Brand Manager, Clear Indonesia



Live Win Probability graphics helped relieve stress by giving fans a better understanding of the predicted outcome of the game. As shifts in the match occurred, the quartet of partners worked in concert to provide up-to-the-minute coverage to Indonesian fans.


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Clear’s advertising agency partner was able to create branded social media graphics embedded with Live Win Probability data using PressBox Graphics. Learn more about PressBox Graphics, and take a tour of the service with a new episode of The Demo Series.



Clear’s campaign was a massive success, resulting in meeting their engagement goals in two rounds of the five-round campaign. In just five weeks, the campaign team worked together to produce coverage for 50 matches, 454 live game tweets, 542 unique pieces of content and a whopping 225 million Opta simulations. This coverage had a reach of 14 million and over 473,000 engagements.



“From a reach and engagement perspective, the campaign is massively over-delivering already, with our five-round reach target hit after just two rounds of games,”
– Andy Jackson, vice-president of strategy for Asia at Goal


Goal’s use of Opta’s Live Win Probability helped create supplemental content like written articles and live blogs – all of which acted as additional buyer touchpoints for Clear Headsmart.



Keys to Success


Clear’s Headsmart campaign delivered results that far exceeded their expectations in less time than predicted. Clear not only promoted the product and brand, but also created a unique fan engagement experience. What was the secret to their success?

Cross-Partner Unification

Clear’s team consisted of their brand agency, their data and AI partner, and their content creation firm – three distinctly different industries that were unified under Clear’s vision of tying the product to men’s health. By connecting the product to the sport their customers love, they built brand trust, awareness and positive media coverage.

Facilitating Content Creation with Automation

The campaign relied on all parties to create massive amounts of exciting content in a relatively short period of time. Clear tackled this challenge by turning to automation for key parts of the process. Graphics creation, for example, utilised PressBox Graphics’ automated image production to quickly integrate Opta data into on-brand design templates, allowing for a greater volume of fan-focused social posts.

Combining Visual and Predictive

The combination of predictive data and a visual output provided a truly unique experience for fans. It is not just about being able to deliver insightful information; it is about doing so in a way that reflects the rapid-fire nature of social media. With attention spans short, the visual has to convey a message quickly and effectively.



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