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Unleashing Your League's Magic Through World Leading Data & Technology

The best leagues, federations and governing bodies in sport build with Stats Perform: driving innovation and growth on and off the pitch.


Aligning To Your Key Objectives

Powering Performance Analysis Across Your Clubs

During the past two decades, Opta data has been powering elite sport’s data revolution – changing the way coaches, analysts and players see the game.

Performance analysis services are integral to Stats Perform’s league partnerships, with Opta tracking and event data, software and integrated video all available to potentially support staff at every club across the league.

This central access to analysis solutions is transforming the way technical departments at clubs objectively review their own performance, as well as analyse upcoming opponents, to enhance their preparation for every fixture played during the campaign.

Bringing Fans Closer to the Action

Whether it is informing pre-match build-up, initiating online debates or supporting in-game experiences, your data is your most valuable asset for driving traffic to official league channels and boosting engagement.

Through packaging and presenting your live league data, via a range of graphics apps, optimised for use on broadcast, digital channels and stadium screens, Stats Perform is best equipped to deliver visually engaging insights and stories straight to your audience and increase their stickability.

In doing so, we bring fans of major competitions, such as the FIBA Men’s Basketball World Cup, right to the heart of the action as it unfolds.

Adding Value to Competition Partners

Innovation in advanced data capture is opening up a range of new opportunities for your suite of corporate partners to put their name to sponsored performance insights.

As well as reaching millions of global consumers, data-powered campaigns are a powerful mechanism for your partners to align their brand to sports innovation directly to B2C audiences.

We work closely with competition rights holders, and their partners, to deliver engaging direct-to-audience insights which add value to all parties.

Driving Innovation With Predictive Data

Data in sport is constantly evolving, with AI-trained models facilitating a new era of predictions and insights to enhance the matchday experience.

Working with a wide range of rights holders, Stats Perform is introducing unique, predictive content which is adding a whole new dimension to in-game storytelling via official channels.

Our work includes a range of live tennis predictions, delivered as part of our exclusive data and video partnership with the WTA, which is enhancing the in-game coverage of WTA competitions via OTT platforms.

Putting Opta Data at the Heart of Your Entire Competition Eco System


Are You Ready to Unleash Your League’s Magic?

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