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Turn Sports Fans Into Customers

For decades Opta Data has helped rights holders, clubs, sponsors and marketing agencies engage sports audiences and deepen connections to the beautiful game. We understand what makes fans tick and have data for any kind of activation you could imagine.

Today’s sports fans are passionate, their understanding of the numbers behind their favourite players and team’s performance is high and is something they actively seek. The emergence of this new fan presents an exciting opportunity for brands to authentically entertain these audiences.

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Free Guide: How Opta Data Helps Brands Turn Football Into Magic

Featuring brands like EA Sports, Mastercard, Coca Cola, Bet 365 and more.

Find out how some of the world’s biggest brands use Opta data to turn football into magic and authentically connect with sports fans globally.

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The Only Globally Recognised Sports Data Brand

Opta is recognised by sports fans across theg globe, known and trusted as independent, consistent and accurate by coaches, players, journalists, broadcasters, brands and sports apps – and most importantly, by fans, in every corner of the earth.

As well as helping the best in sport create magic, we also create our own. Our global Social Media accounts are followed by millions of sports fans and The Opta Analyst, our own fan-facing site, attracts sports fans from across the globe.


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