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Automated Betting Insights and Previews

Concise, contextual in-play and pre-game betting insights and previews, including videos, for games, teams and players. Programmatically display next to the relevant betting option to help bettors make fast, informed decisions on events across your sportsbook.


Automated Betting Insights and Previews

High volume, high impact, highly informative written and video content to educate and entertain bettors about key game, team and player news and trends, across an unprecedented number of events. Imagine this content freshly updating in your blog, or at the top of event pages, across your sportsbook:

Automated Betting Insights

Concise pre-game and in-play betting insights, for games and players, with metadata to programmatically map to the relevant betting market, for 120+ soccer leagues plus NBA and NFL, with more sports on the way… in multiple languages.

Automated Betting Previews

Insightful video and written previews, for games and players, including half-time updates to preview the second half, and match recaps for the ultimate in post-bet care.

Brandable. Multiple languages possible. Coverage for over 200 football leagues, plus US sports, with more on the way.



Predicted Lineups for Soccer and NBA

Team lineups rank among the most sought-after peices information for bettors, and we’ve just provided them with another compelling reason to frequent your sportsbook in the lead-up to a match –
Introducing our new predicted lineups for Soccer and NBA games.

For Soccer, we release predicted lineups for over 20 leagues three days ahead of each match, followed by an update one day prior to kick-off.

As for the NBA, our predicted lineups are updated multiple times within the 24 hours leading up to the game.


Player Betting Insights 

Help make player stats betting more entertaining by supplying bettors with in-play and historical insights for individual players across multiple sports, in multiple stats categories, with metadata to map to the specific relevant market.

Coverage: 120 Football leagues plus NFL and NBA with more sports on request
Languages: Multiple languages. Samples available on request

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Team Bettting Insights

Contextual insight to help bettors identify trends and make quick, informed bets, both pre-match and in-play. 

Formats: Recent results, head to head results, game logs, score trends, splits, facts and live in-play betting insights.

Usage: Integrate into betting pages, news content and analysis, in-app alerts and marketing communications.

Coverage: Global football, big-four US sports, rugby, cricket & more

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Player Injuries 

We asked sports bettors what they would like in their dream sports betting app: 71% of US respondents and 64% in the UK put player injuries in their top two. So our analysts scour a variety of sources for the latest player injuries and suspensions, with estimated return-to-play times where available, so your customers don’t have to search anywhere else.

Coverage: Global football, big-four US sports 

Delivered: API, feed, widget 

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Player Stat Predictors

Expert data-driven player performance predictions, drawn from our most granular datasets. Help bettors quickly form opinions on player prop lines, giving them more insight to bet. 

Coverage: NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL

Delivered: API 

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Advanced Form & Analytics 

Help your customers make betting decisions on statistics markets like first points scorer, last points scorer, splits, cards, corners, shots, tackles and timeouts. Our comprehensive historical database contains detailed information on trends for these markets, including patterns in timings of events, referee performance, as well as advanced analysis such as expected goals in football, expected rushing yards in American football and more. 

Coverage: US and global sports including football, rugby and cricket 

Delivered: API, feeds and widgets 

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Team & Player News 

Quick-hitting bullet points for US and global sports and recap of each player’s last outing. Delivered pre-match, providing at-a-glance insight for bettors. 

Coverage: NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB 

Delivered: API 

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Win Probability 

Our win probability feeds provide an independent view of expected pre-game and in-game outcomes. They’re based on our rich data and updated as the game unfolds to provide talking points and stimulate bettor activity throughout a game.  

Coverage: Big-four US sports. Global football in development. 

Format: API with new widget coming soon

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Match Previews

Data-driven betting previews written by our international team of sports journalists or our AI-automated editorial engine. Available for almost every sport, in almost any language. Flexible delivery options enable you to get the information in front of your users in the right place, at the right time. 

Coverage: 20 sports, hundreds of leagues

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Putting insight at the heart of the sports betting experience

Today’s sports bettor demands a frictionless sports betting experience. Tap into the world’s most extensive and accurate sports database and start driving more entertaining betting today.

This guide outlines the role stats, facts, match trackers and form can play and how you can integrate it into your sports betting experience.

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